Named one of 15 Podcasts About TV Shows You Should Binge by People Magazine, Meet Us At Molly’s is the first ever One Chicago podcast brought to you by passionate fans, Gina Zippilli and Bryna Kramer.

Gina and Bryna actually met through the One Chicago fandom. They quickly became best friends after they realized that, in addition to One Chicago, they also have many other shared interests. 

After many, many in depth conversations about One Chicago, they started to realize that not only was there no consistent, weekly coverage of all 3 shows, there was also no central place for fans to come together and talk about the episodes after they aired (well, one that gives you more than 140 characters to formulate your thoughts and opinions). Gina texted Bryna about a ‘crazy idea’ she had for a One Chicago based podcast in August 2017. A few weeks later, Meet Us at Molly’s officially launched on September 1, 2017.

Each episode recaps the new episodes for each show that aired that week, as well discussions on the latest news, interviews, etc. that came out that week regarding the franchise as a whole. Gina and Bryna also have brought their listeners exclusive interviews with actors and crew members as well as coverage of the two One Chicago fan conventions in 2018 and 2019.

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