Episode 208 – 7×11/10×11/9×11 + Jimmy Nicholas Interview

Episode 208 – 7×11/10×11/9×11 + Jimmy Nicholas Interview

Another week of new One Chicago episodes means we’ve got a lot to break down. In this episode, we discuss Dylan reuniting with old friends, Will’s horrific bowling shirt, Pelham’s career being on the line, Violet and Hawkins’ choice to stay away from each other, Kevin coming clean to Celeste and so much more. 

We’re also joined by one of Chicago Fire’s newest additions Jimmy Nicholas, who plays Chief Evan Hawkins. We discuss how he got into acting, how he ended up on Fire, the Violet/Hawkins relationship, play a couple rounds of Kiss, Marry, Kill (Jimmy’s idea), and so much more. 

News — 1:53

Med 7×11 — 6:32

Fire 10×11 — 55:40

PD 9×11 — 1:53:58

Jimmy Nicholas Interview — 2:23:00

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