Episode 205 – 7×09/10×09/9×09

Episode 205 – 7×09/10×09/9×09

Finally, some midseason finales that didn’t leave us completely wanting to pull our hair out! In this week’s episode, we discuss everything that went down including Goodwin calling the FBI, the emerging Crockett/Avery/Dr. Blake love triangle, Stella FINALLY coming back to us, Gallo failing to tell Violet how he feels, UPSTEAD GETTING MARRIED and so much more.

News — 3:45

Patron Shoutouts — 9:38

Med 7×09 — 10:55

Fire 10×09 — 1:01:56

PD 9×09 — 1:36:23

*Bryna’s audio is a little muffled – apologies in advance! Will be fixed next week!

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