Episode 200 – 7×05/10×05/9×05 + Guy Lockard Interview

Episode 200 – 7×05/10×05/9×05 + Guy Lockard Interview

Not only is it Chicago Fire’s 200th episode, but it was our 200th episode as well. However, we don’t feel much like celebrating. We spend a good chunk of the pod talking about Jesse Spencer’s choice to leave the show after 10 years and honoring him and everything he brought to the character of Matt Casey.

We also discuss which One Chicago characters would most likely have a tattoo, Joe and Chloe welcoming Brian Leon Cruz into the world, Kevin FINALLY getting a love interest and so much more.

One of Chicago Med’s newest additions Guy Lockard also stops by to chat with us. We discuss how he got into acting originally, what he has in common with his character Dylan, what we can expect to learn about his cop backstory, his love for David Eigenberg and Eamonn Walker and many other topics.

News — 5:41
Patron Shoutouts — 18:14
Med 7×05 — 19:56
Fire 10×05 — 1:17:30
PD 9×05 — 2:53:40
Guy Lockard Interview — 3:27:47

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