Episode 198 – 7×03/10×03/9×03 + Patrick John Flueger Interview

Episode 198 – 7×03/10×03/9×03 + Patrick John Flueger Interview

This week, we’re feeling #blessed as One Chicago fans because all three episodes were SO GOOD. We spend a lot of time talking about Chicago real estate and what our favorite characters would have to make in order to realistically afford their sweet pads (#sorrynotsorry). We also discuss us continuing to fall in love with Dylan Scott, the potential Crockett/Vanessa relationship, Griffin Darden’s emotional return, Mouch helping Brett with her paramedicine program, everything we learned about Jay’s military background and so much. 

We also talk with one of our favorite people, Patrick John Flueger, who plays Adam Ruzek. We discuss whether Ruzek’s new role as Makayla’s guardian affects his policing, the Burzek relationship, where is Ruzek going to stand once Hailey’s secret comes out and so much more.

News — 1:08

Patron Shoutouts — 26:19

Med 7×03 — 29:38

Fire 10×03 — 1:18:25

PD 9×03 — 2:00:24

Patrick John Flueger Interview — 2:42:05

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