Episode 182 – 6×16/9×16/8×16

Episode 182 – 6×16/9×16/8×16

Y’all, we did it. We made it to the season finales!  In a season full of uncertainties, we’re so grateful to the casts and crews of all 3 One Chicago shows that were able to safely deliver us 16 episodes each, a truly remarkable accomplishment.

That being said, there is A LOT to discuss this week. We talk about Med’s disappointing finale, why it didn’t feel like Natalie and April’s last episode, Brettsey finally becoming canon, why Derek is so mean and left all of Squad 3’s fates up in the air, Ruzwater’s fights (yes, plural), Hailey asking Jay to marry her and SO MUCH MORE. 

Med 6×16 — 5:02

Fire 9×16 — 54:58

PD 8×16 — 1:39:42

*Apologies in advance for Bryna’s mic. It was placed a few feet away from her and yet still made some weird sounds sometimes. Technology, man.

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