Episode 175 – 6×10/9×10/8×10

Gina and guest host Jennifer go ALL IN on this week’s episodes in what might be our longest episode ever. We discuss important topics such as Will’s extra-flowy hair, what exactly Dr. Charles uses his Apple Watch for, all of the reasons why DJ and Steve belonged together on Fuller House and even imagine what Gallo and Ritter’s TikTok accounts look like. 

… and OF COURSE we discuss both (a) why Bob Ruzek is the worst and (2) that Burzek scene, although lament may be a more fitting word.

NOTE: Yes, Gina does mention early in the episode that our interview with Hanako Greensmith is at the end of this episode, but with this episode at three hours, we decided to make it it’s own, special bonus episode. Go check that out once you’re done!

News — 1:00

Med — 10:30

Fire — 1:14:45

PD — 2:09:45

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