Episode 173 – 6×09/9×09/8×09

March 19, 2021

This week, we discuss Mancel making things official, how much we hate Dr. Archer, why we’re worried Jesse Spencer might be leaving the show, Gianna Mackey’s exit, the introduction to Andre Cooper and so much more.  News — 2:00 Patron Shoutouts — 15:46 Med 6×09 — 17:22 Fire 9×09 — 58:14 PD 8×09 — 1:53:03

Episode 172 – 6×08/9×08/9×09

March 19, 2021

Buckle up, ChiHards. This week’s episode is a long one as there is A LOT to discuss. We dive deep into what Dr. Archer’s intentions are, Maggie giving up a daughter for adoption at 16, the Brett-Casey-Grainger love triangle, Cruz’s ridiculous designs for firefighter gear for women, Atwater and Ruzek’s difficult conversations and so much more. News — 4:11 Patron…

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