Episode 130 – 5×12/8×12/7×12 + Nick Gehlfuss Interview

Another solid week in One Chicago. This week, we discuss Will’s determination to help a patient he met at the safe injection site, Crockett’s past, Cruz and Brett’s new roommate, Casey and Severide going to extreme lengths to solve a false alarm problem, THAT death on PD, Hailey’s questionable actions and so much more.

We also got the chance to talk with everyone’s favorite redhead, Nick Gehlfuss. We discuss whether or not Will and Natalie are meant to be, whether or not Will’s empathy is a blessing or a curse for him as a doctor, what’s coming up when it comes to Will working at the safe injection site, Med’s upcoming 100th episode and so much more.

News – 1:08

Med – 14:20

Fire – 58:40

PD – 1:18:52

Nick Gehlfuss Interview – 1:53:50

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