Episode 122 – 5×06/8×06/7×06 + Alberto Rosende Interview

Another week means more new episodes of One Chicago! This week, we discuss the fact that Natalie somehow escaped punishment once again, the fact that our little Noah Sexton has grown the F up, Cruz asking Severide to be his best man, how frustrated we were by the ending of Chicago PD, who from One Chicago we’d want to have on our zombie apocalypse team and so much more.

Bryna also got the chance to talk to the newest member of Chicago Fire, Alberto Rosende. They talked about his audition for Chicago Fire, his take on Gallo’s relationship with Casey, whether or not he does all of his own stunts and more!

News – 1:35

Med – 23:25

Fire – 1:15:40

PD –  1:38:30

Alberto Rosende Interview – 2:00:45

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