Episode 113 — Chicago PD 4×14 + Nick Wechsler Interview

This week, we’re discussing Chicago PD 4×14 “Seven Indictments”. It’s one hell of a con case that features a web of lies, twists, and turns and TBH, at times we’re not sure if we really understand it. But we break it down the best we can. We also learn a little bit more about Rixton’s backstory and discuss that as well.

We also talk to Nick Wechsler, the man who portrayed Kenny Rixton. Nick was kind enough to give us over an hour of his time and we talked about many different things including how he got into acting originally, how much he loved his time on Chicago PD, what he learned from technical advisor Brian Luce that he then took with him to Shades of Blue.

2:15 – News

8:15 – “Seven Indictments” Recap

48:45 – Nick Wechsler Interview

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