Episode 117 – 5×01/8×01/7×01

September 27, 2019

It’s been a long summer hiatus, but somehow we survived and One Chicago is now finally back in our lives. All three shows just aired their seasons premieres and SO MUCH HAPPENED. We discuss those heartbreaking deaths, what the status of all our favorite couples is and so much more. Med — 1:30 Fire — 45:25 PD — 1:16:15

Exclusive Interview with ‘Chicago Fire’ Showrunner Derek Haas

September 25, 2019

*SPOILERS AHEAD. DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED CHICAGO FIRE 8X01* We’ve been waiting all summer to find out what happened after the boiler exploded as a result of the fire that broke out at the mattress factory in Chicago Fire‘s season seven finale. And now that we know, we wish we could go back in time and…

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BONUS: Daniel Kyri Interview at Chicago Heroes Event

September 24, 2019

In this very special bonus episode, we got the chance to talk to Daniel Kyri, who plays Darren Ritter on Chicago Fire. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and didn’t get to ask him everything we wanted but we did talk about how he got into acting originally, his first day on set of Chicago Fire, Ritter’s big heart and more!

Episode 116 – Chicago Heroes Event 2019 Day 1 Recap

September 24, 2019

We invited our friends (and longtime listeners) Beth and Jennifer over to help us recap day 1 of the Chicago Heroes Event 2019. We discuss everything we did, including our photo ops and the Lottie’s party! We also discuss going to watch PD and Fire film on Friday and our first ever podcast meetup!

Episode 115 — Wishlists for S8/S7/S5

September 24, 2019

We’re TOGETHER in CHICAGO bringing you our wishlists for the upcoming new seasons of Chicago Med, Chicago Fire and Chicago PD! We continue to fight the good fight for Atwater (#giveAtwateraloveinterest2019), make our cases for Manstead and have the first ever Dawsey freakout. We also discuss YOUR wishlists!

Episode 114 — Chicago Fire 1×10 & 1×11

September 24, 2019

In this week’s episode, we’re taking one last trip down memory lane for summer hiatus and discussing Chicago Fire 1×10 and 1×11. We touch on Cruz letting Flaco die in the apartment building fire and his subsequent guilt, Dawsey’s almost kiss at the Christmas party, Severide’s pill problem, the beginning of Millson and so much more! We’re also catching up…

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