Episode 110 – Chicago P.D. 3×23 “Start Digging”

July 26, 2019

“Start Digging” changed everything in the world of Chicago P.D. We discuss the ramifications from this episode on the seasons that have aired since, Voight going way too far, Roman’s last day in the bullpen and so much more! 

We review CHICAGO JUSTICE 1×02!

July 24, 2019

OUR FIRST VIDEO RECAP! We try to forget the time the kids over at Chicago Justice accused our dear Kevin Atwater of murder, but it still haunts us to this day. We decided to bring you Chicago Justice 1×02 in video format to deal with our feelings in a healthy way.

Episode 109 – Chicago Med 2×01 “Soul Care”

July 12, 2019

If we’re being honest, Season 2 of Chicago Med is kind of a blur. So we decided to go back and take a look at the season 2 premiere “Soul Care” to refresh our memory. Something’s brewing between Natalie and Jeff, Will can’t seem to get anyone to give him medical malpractice insurance, Latham gets angry with Connor right off…

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